Integrated Sales Channels to save you time & money

Sqimple has been built from the ground up to support multiple Sales Channels without any disruption to your business management or fulfillment.

Web store – POS – Phone Orders – Wholesale – eBay – and more all integrated to track inventory and fulfillment in a breeze.


The face of your business and the hub of your online marketing. The Webstore will be fully customised to your Brand and Customer Journey. The technology ensures ridiculously fast load times and ensures that all best practice SEO features and build in, not waiting for a plugin and additional setup.

Custom Designed

Designed in collaboration with your team to ensure your unique brand shines online and your customer journey is optimised.

Content Management

Simple content management system to edit, adjust and add pages, blogs and products.

Customer Portal

Customer portals are built into Sqimple to provide a central hub to build loyalty and engagement with your customers.

SEO Ready

All the features built into the software to save 3rd party headaches.

Smart Carts

One of the most pivotal conversion points on your Web-store we took great care and considered all the little improvements to ensure your conversion rate is as high as possible.

Super Fast Checkout

Streamlining every function from address selection to payment method.

Seamless Account Creation

We create accounts so quickly your customer may not realise it?s setup until their second purchase.

Abandoned Carts

Built into the code so we can use on page signals that a user may abandon their cart.


Cart aware product add ons, additions and upsells to help you get the most out of your customer.


Integrate all channels to provide better inventory control and enhanced customer service.


Utilise a POS app which syncs inventory real time with your store.


Build loyalty and repeat customer value with automated post sale engagement.


Provide streamlined ordering in-store and online for wholesale customers.

Wholesale view

Ensure your wholesale customers can quickly navigate and order products in bulk

Repeat Orders

Automate notifications based on previous orders to streamline your customers ordering experience

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