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Have you ever thought: “Things should be simpler?”

Spend less time juggling, and more time growing your business.

Sqimple keeps track of your sales, inventory, marketing, shipping and customer relationships. Take care of everything behind the scenes with financial, inventory and fulfilment systems.

What our customers say

Sqimple enabled easier growth for our business

All-in-one eCommerce Platform

Managing your sales, customers, orders, inventory, website and marketing in one platform. Sqimple will save you time, money and headaches. Everything in your business is connected, get a full view of your business with Sqimple.


From the fast, intuitively designed website with a focus on conversion to POS, 3rd Parties and Marketplaces. Maximise your return from all channels.


Wow your customers with amazing service, remarket to their tastes and have built in membership options.

Orders + Inventory

Process orders quickly and efficiently with a dedicated Pick and Pack App. Track and manage suppliers, stock, orders and sales to streamline your business.


All the Loyalty, Journey and Broadcast features built into the software to save 3rd party headaches.

Customer Management

Keep your customers feeling loved with Sqimple’s comprehensive CRM module. All the information you need to establish leads, convert sales, and manage ongoing client relationships.

Easy Account Access

Protected by username and password with direct access to accounts by secure Email or SMS. Never lock a customer out again! 

Customer Journeys

Create automated rules to improve loyalty, reward your best customers and reengage lapsed customers.

Built in Support

Offer support tickets to ensure your customers get a fast resolution to any issues.


Encourage repeat orders and build brand loyalty.

Order Processing & Fulfilment

From ordering to customer communications, we’ve got you covered. The Sqimple Pick and Pack app helps eliminate errors and keep your customers coming back.

Goodbye confusion – Hello simplified order management!

Supplier Management

Make sure you know what to order, when and from where!

Customer Care

Create notification triggers to optimise your customer support team and ensure your best customers feel the love.


Ensuring the pick and pack process runs seamlessly.

Smart App

Reduce errors through the Sqimple App, scan products and manifests to create a clear trail of orders and stock.

Inventory Management

You have enough things on your mind – stock levels shouldn’t be one of them. Sqimple keeps track of your inventory so you’re never left guessing what’s on hand.

Multi Channel

Know where all your stock is on all channels, updated instantly so you don’t sell a product in store that was just bought on eBay.

Scan Orders

Scan a delivery from a supplier to automatically replenish your inventory.

Built in Purchasing

Utilise sales history to project stock requirements and make ordering a breeze.

Stock control

Enable admin mode in the app and update stock levels from the warehouse in real time.

Marketing Automation

Don’t get stuck burning the midnight oil, spending hours making sure all your marketing is getting done. Sqimple combines automation and customer journey building to ensure that all your brand touchpoints are taken care of without having to think about it.


Automated Journeys will empower your Marketing with clever rules based on contact interactions and customer actions.


Built in Segmentation will identify your hottest leads and best customers to enhance your campaigns.

Audience Management

Dynamically segment your audiences to optimise communications and conversions, then let Sqimple keep it all up to date.

Tracking & Attribution

See the entire customer journey with built in UTM tracking, onsite signals, purchase history and loyalty data.


The face of your business and the hub of your online marketing. The Webstore will be fully customised to your Brand and optimal Customer Journey. The technology ensures ridiculously fast load times and ensures that all best practice SEO features are built in, not waiting for a plugin and additional setup.

Custom Designed

Designed in collaboration with your team to ensure your brand shines online and your customer journey is optimised.

Content Management

Simple content management system to edit, adjust and add pages, blogs and products.

Customer Portal

Customer portals are built into Sqimple to provide a central hub to build loyalty and engagement with your customers.

SEO Ready

All the features built into the software to save 3rd party headaches.

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