Why Sqimple?

Because Sqimple is different. It has been built from the ground up to accomplish two things: to be simple and intuitive to use, and to power Australian online businesses, covering everything you need to operate all the moving parts of your online business from one dashboard.

Not only will it save you time chasing down orders, inventory and customer data; save hours on training because it’s one piece of software that’s easy to use, it will also get you closer to your customers. 

eCommerce Simplified

Imagine the Difference

Our Story

Nucleo has been working with Australian businesses since 2008, helping them navigate the rapidly changing digital world and creating solutions to their operational, web and marketing challenges.

Although no two are the same, what we have learned is that as they grow, every business starts to face the same set of challenges. Commercial success doesn’t come easy and when all of your hard work pays off, it brings a new set of growing pains.

We have seen many Australian businesses struggle to find a software platform that would handle the day to day operations of running an online business. Most found 70% of a solution, and 12 plugins that gave them another 20% of the features they needed. However, spreading a business across several different pieces of software generates new headaches and can be more costly, confusing and ultimately counterproductive.

We have built custom platforms to meet 100% of online businesses requirements and this highlighted the overlap in needs across a broad range of industries.

We saw an easier way to help more businesses grow – So we built it.

One App to Rule Them All

Our team is familiar with the multitudes of software applications available to help online businesses. We’ve even custom built software solutions ourselves. Sqimple combines everything you need with modules to manage sales, channels, customers, loyalty, broadcast marketing, tailored marketing, reminders, memberships, clubs, inventory, ordering, staff and more.

Sqimple eliminates the need to learn how to operate multiple software platforms by combining all your requirements into one, easy to use, easy to access application.

Powering Australian eCommerce.

We understand the needs of Australian businesses, because we are an Australian business. We focus on partnering with business owners to help them grow, because we care about our clients. 

Your success is our number one priority and the reason we do what we do. Sqimple is dedicated to improving the lives of Australian business owners as they navigate the challenges of trading in today’s fast moving, globally connected online marketplaces. It’s no longer just about being online, it’s about doing it well and providing seamless customer experiences that outperforms competitors at every opportunity. Sqimple was built to provide you with the perfect foundation to launch your eCommerce operation to new heights, without the headaches of trying to blend multiple systems together.

For less time juggling, and more time growing your business.

Our Team

Australian Experts Building The Best.

Andrew McCann - Sqimple Managing Director
Andrew McCann

Managing Director

Tricia Gerigk - Sqimple Head of Client Service
Tricia Gerigk

Head of Client Service

Ben Harrison - Sqimple Website Specialist
Ben Harrison

Web Specialist

Josh Billing - Sqimple Business Development Manager
Josh Billing


Jiacheng Liu - Sqimple Design Specialist
Jiacheng Liu

Design Specialist

Adam Simpkins - Sqimple Development Lead
Adam Simpkins

Development Lead

Stewart Horsfield - Sqimple Development Specialist
Stewart Horsfield

Development Specialist

JP Lamano - Sqimple Web Developer
JP Lamano


David Crapp - Sqiimple Developer
David Crapp


Brandelle Onte - Sqimple Developer
Brendelle Onte


Michael Fox - Sqimple Developer
Michael Fox


Hamish - Sqimple Developer
Hamish Bernhagen